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Product Features

Below are the framework level features on which Ongo Sales is built on. Ongo Sales is built on five principles:


Customer Experience

Ongo Sales will Amplify customer experience with respect to discovery of your content, evaluation, access, commerce, usage, support, engagement, and build loyal customer base.

Employee Experience

Ongo Sales will help enhance employee productivity by providing role based apps, helping business users to see what they are responsible for.

App Indexing

Once the Customer downloads the App (Android & iOS) all the products in each & every category gets indexed to Google Search Engine by default. Ex: If the customer is searching for any products (which are published in the mobile app) Search Engine automatically shows the product page in the mobile app.

Order Management

Customers can place orders for the products they wish to buy, they can add the products to the cart & place an order by paying using payment gateway. Customers also can track their order status and get instant push notifications, email or text message about their delivery status.

Geo Fencing

Based on the location of the customer, App will show the nearest store to the customer and it also shows latitude & longitude coordinates of each store. Google maps can direct the customer to the nearest store and time consumed to go to the physical store.

Loyalty Management

Ongo Sales has an in–built loyalty management system. Customers can earn points based on their actions performed on the web or app. E.g. If a customer shares a product as a public URL in their social network, they can get 10 points etc. All these points can be redeemed while they are making a purchase. Business Owners or Admins can setup a rule based engine for allocating points based on their preferences using Ongo Sales unified admin panel. It can be extremely customizable based on the requirements of business.

Offers & Discounts

Customers can avail seasonal discounts & offers while adding products to the cart, customers can input the coupon code or voucher code to avail discounts on products.

Multi Location Support

If a business is present in multiple locations, customers can browse the categories, products and choose to reserve, book, or purchase the product and then visit the nearest store or the only store to pick, buy, & review the product. This generates footfall to the store. In turn, businesses can ask customers to mention the offer code to get an exclusive discount.

Category Management

Ongo Sales comes with three level category structure as a default option to categorize products.However, framework can create unlimited levels in category structure based on the business needs.

Social Integrations

Ongo Sales is integrated with all the leading social platforms. Using Ongo Sales back–end; Facebook Admin & Twitter Admin of any business can post or tweet in the back-end of Ongo Sales and it will automatically get published in Facebook & Twitter.

Customer Grouping & Profiling

Admins can create customer groups & profiling based on their social, geographical, purchase, age, gender or any other specific criteria.

News Letters & Email Management

The above feature allows admin to send newsletters, emails or any other promotional matters on a time-to-time or periodic basis.

Third party Integrations

Ongo Sales can integrate with any third party applications; namely – Payment Gateways, Logistics or Courier companies, any other IT legacy system to name few.

Campaign Management

Through campaign management, business owners can create discounts, vouchers, coupons and gift cards, which can in turn send to the target customers or a specific customer.


Ongo Sales comes with built in analytics tool. Framework allows bottom level drill down on each and very specific criteria set by the business owner.

Inventory Management

Ongo Sales provides a basic inventory management module to keep a track on inventory. Framework is extremely customizable in integrating any ERP or POS system for a seamless inventory check.

Feedback & Review Mechanism

Feedbacks, Reviews & Ratings for each product can be enabled, admin can directly allow customers to publish their comments or put a role based check in to publish the comments & reviews.

Public URL

Ongo Sales enables public URL for each product, which in turn can be shared by the customers on social platforms. This allows better engagement & gives better customer experience for all the customers.

Store based Login

Every store can have a different login and they can see the list of products available and place their order along with the timelines for the delivery. Each store login can have a different view of the products (if needed) and they can only place orders on the products that they see.

Brand’s Admin Login

The brand owner can have an admin login and can track each store order history and products that they ordered. Brand Admins can enable or disable store login based on the need and requirement.

Unified Admin Panel in web, android to maintain android, web & iOS

Ongo Sales comes with a unified admin panel to manage, edit and optimize all the features and functionalities. Ongo Sales comes with single backend admin either on web or on Android and all the changes which are amended, is seamlessly pushed and configured to Android, iOS & Web on a real – time basis. All this happens dynamically without changing the user interface & user experience.

Role based logins

Ongo Sales comes with an in-built role based mechanism; Role based logins and role based authentications will be configured based on business needs. Ongo Sales provides fully customizable options in creating a role-based login. Technically any number of roles can be created & configures.

Workflow Configurations

Ongo Sales provides lots of in-built workflows. These workflows are extremely customizable and workflows can be configured with a simple drag and drop functionality or add and edit functionality.

Cognitive UI

Cognitive UI is an integral part of Ongo Sales, which allows business applications change dynamically based on their vertical. This can be changed using back end admin panel as and when the business requires. This is a pure machine learning functionality, which is part of Ongo Sales offering.

User Experience

Ongo Sales allows businesses to choose their theme and template as per their business needs. Ongo Sales will incorporate the same theme and template for user experience. Theme should be in HTML 5 CSS 3 format. This format theme can be customized and delivered by Ongo Sales.

Geo-fencing & Geo tagging

Ongo Sales allows businesses to track their sales team, consumers and build solutions around it. Example solutions include school bus tracking app, to a cab booking service, to a sales force tracking, to a food delivery solutions.